To be a bride...Day nine

Before dawn broke, Arya had made an odd zombie like walk outside

She was abducted by aliens

Dazed, she stumbled back inside and went upstairs to continue sleeping

Miracle happened to be inside at the time, looking quite pleased with herself.
Sabotage? If so, it was virtually impossible to pin it on her. 

Another letter had come this morning

Greetings Princesses,

Prince Dmitri will arrive tomorrow. He likes a stiff drink and a hearty meal, I expect you to brush up on your skills, I have left six bars in your living room to facilitate your practice. 


Queen Natasha Novak

And so the girls did. They all worked away in the morning, most gaining at least level two in the skill

Celina took the extra incentive to work from dawn to dusk

Sierra spent the afternoon watching cooking shows to improve her ability

At the end of the night they bonded over their excitement
Tomorrow was going to be the big day