To be a bride... Day one







To whom it may concern,

This is a formal calling to all eligible princesses  who are willing to travel to Willow Creek. King Grigori Novak and myself are seeing a bride of worth for our son Dmitri. A dowry is not crucial to the arrangement as we are significantly well off. Our offer is as such, stay in our secondary mansion for the duration of three weeks, and if our son picks you, the land will be yours. 

Queen Natasha Novak

This letter reached royal families near and far, but only six young ladies came forward to take the opportunity. Some seeking riches, some seeking love, and most looking for the chance to gain a little freedom, a little independence from their families back at home.

Natasha knew by drawing these women here, one of them was bound to succeed, and Grigori was willing to appease his wife's demands in this regard. 

Dmitri was rather oblivious to his mother's schemes, so each day the women were sent instructions, guidance for how to approach the day. Today's instructions ordered that one of the girls must make her son's acquaintance so that it would be easier to invite him over to the mansion at a later date. This individual was to do no more, and no less than that. Celina gladly accepted this task and made quick work of it before returning to the household.

The next task was to get to know each other, spend the day chatting it up

The first drama of the day occured when Arya set herself on fire trying to make burgers, the entire group of princesses were in a frenzy over it. Thankfully Sierra kept a cool head and extinguished the flames.

After both running outside the house out of panic, Celina made her first friend in Miracle

The girls had also been instructed to work on their skills, the amount of items in the mansion was overwhelming 

All and all, not a bad first day!

100+ aspiration points for gaining a friend