100 baby challenge - second generation - Nearly Eloping

It wasn't long after Emerald had left the house that Obsidian had a burning desire to make his own home with Colette

He was so confident that he invited her to the grounds they would get married on

He popped the question

Her yes was music to his ears

They wanted something private for the family

Saffron thought it was a little too private and sudden, he only came because he stumbled upon the wedding after being out for a swim

Still, life was short, and the couple was happy to solidify their union

They made no promises they couldn't keep, they both shared just a solemn vow to care for each other the best of their ability

Who would have guessed Obsidian would one day be kissing Colette on their wedding day

100 baby challenge - second generation - part fifteen

The next day was a big one for celebration, the triplets were ready to go to school

So far they all were very varied, they hardly looked like siblings

Because there were no toddlers in the household, the family decided to go for a beach day

They even happened upon Saffron doing some research in the sun

But the timing wasn't as great as they hoped

Tulip went into labour as soon as she hit the beach

While the rest of the kids had some relaxing swim time

Or took a nice nap

Tulip went to the hospital and came back with two more twins

Meet Coral 

And Lapis Lazui, a ghost baby due to the potion Tulip had consumed

100 baby challenge - second generation - part fourteen

A few days later, Obsidian and Luna had their birthdays

Obsidian had grown into his confidence, he had been a shy young boy but he was now a bold young man

Luna embraced the fact that she is a little different from everyone else, choosing an outfit that mixed the fashion of her home world and the current time

When her father Saffron asked her to come with him to the beaches to talk, she had gone without a moments hesitation.

Saffron let her know his pride in her and also told her about his ambitions in life. His passion for alchemy was time consuming and he wanted to devote himself to his work.

Luna expressed her love for learning that she gained from him and Tulip. She wanted him to be able to leave the house and was willing to take on his role as a caretaker for the kids. 

It was an incredible relief to be able to pass on the torch and the perfect solution to his dilemma. With a big hug, they said their good byes. Saffron would still be in their lives but he would be a guest now.

Topaz grew into a sweet looking teen

The kids continued to invite friends over frequently

Somewhere along the way Pearl picked up a second dragon egg, perhaps from an admirer

Meet the second dragon, Fred

Obsidian stayed in close touch with Colette

Overall, the house was a little quieter with some of the older kids entertaining themselves and with Luna being a huge constant help.

100 baby challenge - second generation - part thirteen

Obsidian asked Colette for a second chance at a date, and wonderfully she said yes

It went so well that he even was bold enough to pop the question "Will you be my girlfriend"

She had such a hard face to read, but finally she said a quiet "Yes" with a smile

He was over joyed, he worried for a brief moment that she might not kiss him back

Luckily, it was very brief!

Back at home the house was buzzing with activity

The toddlers were picking up skills easily

Saffron and Luna were a big help

It was a good thing that they were doing so well, because Tulip discovered that she has another bun in the oven.

It was also a big night for birthdays

Pearl became quite the beauty

And Amethyst was just as stunning, they were a deadly duo

They knew it too

Saffron spent the night working on his potions

He was closer and closer to his goal of creating and using 50 potions