100 baby challenge - part twenty

Rose had stepped outside to get the mail when the contractions hit

She went to the hospital and came out with one baby boy


Since Jasmine and Lupine had already learned all of their skills, they were aged up to make the household a lot easier
 Now there was only one tot for three teenagers and four kids to handle

Cosmos was pretty talented, he had the family mesmerized with his playing of a gift he had received from Hannah

Violet was quite spunky and no longer evil! She has the unstable trait and has been switching up her traits on a whim these days. Currently she is absentminded, lucky and unstable.

Dahlia was a very quiet sweetheart, part of being a loner she often played by herself

Iris may have been Queen of the world when she was a kid, but Lupine was a rocking master of space!

Star has taken to painting, just like Rose

Taking Rose out on frequent Mermaid swims has been rather annoying, but the hope is she will have a merboo to make it worth the trouble

Cosmos invited Hannah out for a date, their first time seeing each other since prom

He gave her a timid first kiss

Followed by bolder moves by her

They continued flirting up a storm until it got dark outside, it was a great date

When checking back up on Quince, I noticed Jasmine was having a temper tantrum, not sure why. She calmed down after and they made up.

It was Spooky day, so the kids got dressed up, my two little muscled heroes

Adorable scubadiver

Jasmine wasn't in the best of moods so she stayed home while Star took the other three trick or treating (they only went to one house and it didn't seem to work properly)

When they came back they ended the night with scary stories, Violet was particularly talented at it

So much so she had Star looking perturbed

"And then, they all DIIIIIIED"

With Star's last gasp, spooky day was over and the kids tucked in

100 baby challenge - Prom night

After multiple attempts at potions and being singed often, Quince went to the alchemy store to check for the imaginary friend potion, the one that would make Star a real person and found one

Star had looked at the bottle, looked at Quince and had taken a big gulp

And then... she was a real girl!

Star was pretty, without a doubt

Quince was stunned speechless, he had wanted this to happen so badly and now it happened! He didn't have much longer to mull over the moment because the school bus came for the rest of the kids

She took the time to aid Cosmos by helping Lupine learn to walk

They got a chance to talk when Quince got back, he couldn't shut up about how amazing it was to see her like this. He stammered out that tonight was his prom.

Even if she hadn't been to school as a student before, she had always been by his side during his education. She agreed to go with him

It was also the prom of Cosmos, but both Quince and Cosmos got in the limo before a picture could be taken of the three of them

It was quite the night of excitement, Cosmos was now official with Hannah. Quince and Star became romantic interests

When they came back, Quince held Star's hand and stopped her from going inside right away. He admitted to liking her a lot more than a friend, he wanted to go steady

She looked into his eyes deeply, let the smile curl up the edges of her mouth and said 'yes'

The perfect ending to the perfect night

100 baby challenge - part nineteen

With Quince and Cosmos taking care of the kids, Rose decided to take Lupine and visit her vamp girls

Iris and Jarrod were cute as ever together, she still helped him tap into the wilder side of life while he helped ground her, they seemed happy 

Iris assured her mom that they were doing well, Cale and Jarrod were able to afford a very nice house for them all to live in and they were all having jobs and doing well

 Rose updated Iris on her new siblings

Including the one on the way! Amaryllis was delighted to hear the news about a new bun in the oven

Hugs were all around

They invited Rose for supper

Jarrod couldn't make it because he had errands to run, but they were all still in good spirits

Cale and Amaryllis hadn't struck up a romance yet, it was clear they got along

Rose was incredibly proud of her girls, looking at them doing so well on their own.

Before she took Lupine to return home, Jarrod pulled her aside and whispered to her his engagement plans. Rose was overjoyed and agreed to do her part in it when the time came.