To be a bride... Day five

Greetings Princesses,

I enjoyed the pleasure of your company, and I commend you for your good efforts. I have provided mirrors so that you can look on yourselves and improve your presentation and dictation, this will be crucial to your success with my son. I suggest you all practice extensively.


Queen Natasha Novak

The mirrors were set up when they went down for breakfast

They all threw themselves into it

Rylie got practically enthusiastic, some of the arm movements led to a few bumps

Miracle mostly acted like she was in a sports broadcast, bumping her fists up and down 

Celina made many big sweeping movements, seeming to gesture towards the future, Arya used a lot of coy smiles

After most of the other girls left, Celina kept her hips moving and her fingers wagging in fake arguments and negotiations

Jade confessed to not being very confident in her abilities
Celina paid her some heartfelt compliments

With a little reassurance Jade bounced back quickly

They even grew close enough that they shared a hug
The day was uneventful otherwise, so everyone tucked in early