To be a bride... Day eleven

Greetings Princesses,

We have heard that one of you can play an instrument well, we ask that you all join us for a party with us tonight and the one that is talented will be welcomed to do a number at our piano.


Queen Natasha Novak

The girls all had very little practice with playing the piano, so finally they had to discuss amongst themselves and come to a decision with who was best. Each girl both wanted to be the best and didn't want to be the best in equal measure, because while it was an opportunity to stand out, it was also possible that this wouldn't be a positive spot light.

When it boiled down to the honest truth, the majority of the princesses didn't have any musical skill to speak of, so after much talk it was determined that Celina was the only one who had been putting effort into her musical ability. So she sat down for the morning and practiced

Arya and Rylie put a bit of effort in being friendly with each other for the morning, even cracking a few jokes

Sierra worked on her wild dancing skills which were rather rusty

It wasn't long before it was time to leave

Celina sat down at the piano, took a deep breath, directed a nervous smile at the audience and did her best to play simple but classic songs

The girls showed their support by getting their groove on to it

The last few notes softly floated in the air, the sun was setting on the party.

 Celina had done it, she had survived the night

She looked up to see approval from the guests, and they were even polite enough to clap when she resumed

The Novak's thanked her, and even allowed her to dine with them, she felt weary from the work but satisfied with the evening, especially after getting to be up close and personal with Dmitri again!

After all the dishes had been polished of food, the party disbanded

Random event # 11

Celina had the highest level of skill so she didn't receive the penalty, but she also didn't receive the reward, she wasn't level 5 by the end of her practicing. All the same I had her perform at the party.