To be a bride... Day six

The girls had noticed that only a few feet away from their house there was a small park area, so Celina took the incentive to make some grilled chicken

The rest of the girls shortly joined in

It was good for them to get some fresh air, as an outdoorsy sim Miracle was particularly thrilled

Yet when everyone returned to the house, most of the girls seemed to be down. Jade was doing a sad shuffle around the living room and Miracle was dragging herself around the house.

It was a big relief when the Queen called them and invited them out to a bar

Even a shy sim like Jade enjoyed herself, they all indulged the live music and the drinks

At the end of the night, Celina pulled the queen aside and handed her her gold bracelet
"I noticed one of the band members had nicked this, so I got it back from him" 

The Queen was understandably angry at the theft 

But she was relieved to have her jewels returned to her and offered her thanks

She also took a moment to appreciate a gentleman's rear, which was a bit of a funny surprise

After a successful night out, the girl's returned and most of them tucked in. Arya was in such a good mood, she willing to get her hands dirty with a bit of gardening

Random event # 6 (modified to be more realistic for modern sims. The rules say not to leave the house but the girls were miserable so I bent them, I made sure none of the girls spoke to anyone but themselves and the barmaid to get drinks)
+ 200 aspiration points