To be a bride... Day ten

They greeted the Prince with heart shaped cookies and a beverage

The instructions from the Queen were very specific about rules

Greetings Princesses,

My son is coming over today, insure that your residence is sparkling clean and that you have food prepared. You will each have an opportunity to flirt with him in turn. After the flirting is done, you may continue to interact with my son until he leaves but you are all forbidden from taking the romance further than flirting.


Queen Natasha Novak

Celina was the first, she used a pick up line that had him blushing

Arya was equally successful

Miracle was more timid in her approach but she still won a big smile from Dmitri

He was quite taken by Sierra's forwardness

He shut Rylie down, wasn't impressed by her attempts at wooing

And poor Jade had such a miserable attempt she could hardly look at him afterwards
They spent a relaxed afternoon, dancing, eating, chatting.

Jade even took the opportunity to apologize, and Dmitri had no hard feelings over it

At the end of the evening, Celina wished him a fond farewell with a peck to his hands

+100 points for successful flirt