To be a bride... Day seven

Another letter had come from the Queen, her son Dmitri is a fan of chess, so she asked that the girls practice on each other

Celina won against Sierra, they also spent enough time together to call each other friends

Jade won against Miracle

Rylie won against Arya, and boy is she a sore loser, when Rylie won she smashed her fists down on the table and knocked over the remaining pieces

Jade and Celina had an enjoyable game, Celina won but they weren't very competitive about it. They spent the game cracking jokes and laughing

Rylie was a bit timid after having played with Arya, but that didn't stop her from winning
All and all it was a quiet day, but most of the matches were good, some of the girls kept playing even after the competition was over

+400 for winning twice