To be a bride... Day ten

They greeted the Prince with heart shaped cookies and a beverage

The instructions from the Queen were very specific about rules

Greetings Princesses,

My son is coming over today, insure that your residence is sparkling clean and that you have food prepared. You will each have an opportunity to flirt with him in turn. After the flirting is done, you may continue to interact with my son until he leaves but you are all forbidden from taking the romance further than flirting.


Queen Natasha Novak

Celina was the first, she used a pick up line that had him blushing

Arya was equally successful

Miracle was more timid in her approach but she still won a big smile from Dmitri

He was quite taken by Sierra's forwardness

He shut Rylie down, wasn't impressed by her attempts at wooing

And poor Jade had such a miserable attempt she could hardly look at him afterwards
They spent a relaxed afternoon, dancing, eating, chatting.

Jade even took the opportunity to apologize, and Dmitri had no hard feelings over it

At the end of the evening, Celina wished him a fond farewell with a peck to his hands

+100 points for successful flirt

To be a bride...Day nine

Before dawn broke, Arya had made an odd zombie like walk outside

She was abducted by aliens

Dazed, she stumbled back inside and went upstairs to continue sleeping

Miracle happened to be inside at the time, looking quite pleased with herself.
Sabotage? If so, it was virtually impossible to pin it on her. 

Another letter had come this morning

Greetings Princesses,

Prince Dmitri will arrive tomorrow. He likes a stiff drink and a hearty meal, I expect you to brush up on your skills, I have left six bars in your living room to facilitate your practice. 


Queen Natasha Novak

And so the girls did. They all worked away in the morning, most gaining at least level two in the skill

Celina took the extra incentive to work from dawn to dusk

Sierra spent the afternoon watching cooking shows to improve her ability

At the end of the night they bonded over their excitement
Tomorrow was going to be the big day

To be a bride... Day eight

Greetings ladies,

The prince is eager to meet you after hearing such high praise from my wife. I feel it is my duty to also have an opportunity to assess your abilities. I have arranged to have a cab pick you all up early in the afternoon and take you to your next challenge,


King Gregori Novak

This message had all the girls spending most of the day staring out the windows in eager anticipation. Celina took care of her gardening duty and as soon as the other girls began squealing she ran out to catch the cab together

They arrived at an interesting location, it had just a large cooking area and an outdoor dining table

A note in the cooking room gave them guidance

Greetings ladies,

I shall be arriving in an hour, please create the best cake you can.


King Gregori Novak

Some of the girls tackled the challenge with enthusiasm

Some with concentration

and some with carelessness

Before long, the clock was up and the girls nervously presented their work to the king

"Congratulations" He boomed, "Most of the girls have met the challenge and mastered it, there is only one that is less appetizing. Who created this one?"

He happened to be looking directly at Celina, she was faced with a decision. She knew who had done a poor job, did she take the fall for her? or did she tell the truth? Or say nothing whatsoever

Finally she made her decision "Arya created that cake, sir, she chose to not use sugar"

Arya immediately began working to recover from the blemish on her reputation. 

"That is true King Novak, I was trying to be innovative, next time I will be more traditional"

The king grinned at all of them, relieving the tension, "Sometimes the world needs people to push boundaries, I respect that." 

They all polished off the good cakes

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting to know the king

By the end of it the King had entirely forgotten who had failed his challenge and seemed equally content with all of them

The competitors all turned in for the night after a successful venture

Situation 9
+200 points
+ 1 Schemer point

To be a bride... Day seven

Another letter had come from the Queen, her son Dmitri is a fan of chess, so she asked that the girls practice on each other

Celina won against Sierra, they also spent enough time together to call each other friends

Jade won against Miracle

Rylie won against Arya, and boy is she a sore loser, when Rylie won she smashed her fists down on the table and knocked over the remaining pieces

Jade and Celina had an enjoyable game, Celina won but they weren't very competitive about it. They spent the game cracking jokes and laughing

Rylie was a bit timid after having played with Arya, but that didn't stop her from winning
All and all it was a quiet day, but most of the matches were good, some of the girls kept playing even after the competition was over

+400 for winning twice