Second scandal - Mango

International maneater day one 

The twins, Mango and Kiwi were quick to jump into the next chapter of their life

And promptly moved out into their own home

The allure of new locations, adventures beyond their wildest dreams called out to both of them

The locations weren't nearly as interesting as the people for Mango...

Things got hot and heavy with international explorer, Noel 

The idea of new pursuits soon held appeal 

And thus, the first heartbroken french man left the house

Dramatic childhood of Lime

Taking  glance at the forgotten son

As far as Lime is concerned, his father during this time is his Uncle Carlo, who is an old man by this point

But one day, Carlo passes away

Didn't take mom long to move on to her old love.... 

First time meeting deadbeat dad, at his mothers wedding

Lifes tough for an angsty teen

Scandal one - Strawberry

So every once and awhile I get horribly bored with the sims 3

And then suddenly, months later my interest is caught again, this time I'm going to try to keep my interest and give 10 generations a shot. 

I also bought world adventures and Monte Vista so I'm eager to explore!

I only have two things I'm doing, one make the family fruit themed (by using the names, hair, clothes, possibly rooms, maybe personality) and two have a good scandal in every generation. 

That said, meet Strawberry

She is a normal enough gal, looking to make 20 friends before she passes away, and then she meets the Mancini brothers.

Carlo and Camillo

(Funny enough, I didn't think of taking more pictures during the beginning of this but I think I'll remember after this! )
Strawberry met Carlo and tumbled into a whirlwind marriage, before she knew it she was pregnant on her wedding night. 

However, there was a certain charm to Camillo....

The night of the wedding Carlo aged into an elderly sim and Strawberry gave birth to twin girls, Mango and Kiwi. 

Suspiciously Strawberry got pregnant again... Not with Carlo's child of course... 

Not long after Kiwi and Mango

Had a brother named Lime, but loss an uncle. He abandoned the family to pursue his own life, he had no interest in children and no interest in staying in the home where he was a secret of the marriage.

What will the next generation bring?