Chapter 10

That little snout peeking above the snow? Thats Mateo, little guy has a hard time getting around in the snow

Zeke seems to be having a really difficult time adjusting to the house, twice now I've seen him visit the park they use to live in, just to nap. Maybe he just wants to get away from his fiesty pup.

Blue was determine to appreciate winter and his last night of freedom from work

He wasn't incredible at it

He invited a werewolf to join him, apparently they run around the skating rink rather than skating

He also took the opportunity to try out his snowboard

Zombies on ice!

While he was happy with his evening he was disappointed to see this jerk running away from the house, apparently they weren't safe from threat yet

Next day, time to get to work!

Carmelo Chatman was brought over by a gnome?

Bret Chatman was brought over by his more normal looking mother

Both of them seemed to warm up to Blue fairly well, or so he thought...

Both babies make an attempt at jail breaking, time to keep the front door locked!

One disadvantage is that their moodlets dropped at almost the exact same time but he hoped he would be able to fix that with some time.

All the babies seemed pretty happy, including the pup

When the Gnome son came to collect the infants Blue was proud to see he had rated 'Good' on this first day. 

That called for a celebration dance, shake it!

Chapter 9

Raz was an adventurous dog, even with her newly announced pregnancy

She seemed to take her responsibilities as a hunter more seriously than Zeke, these trips took her far and wide but she always found safe places to rest

She saw amazing things...

Zeke slept through them.

It was fitting that he also slept through the birth of their single pup, Mateo

It was officially winter, Blue woke up to that surprise

He had been attending one of the many parties he was invited to. He couldn't say he liked people, but he felt a bit more normal every time he attended a function

This house happened to give him the unique opportunity to check out his expenses and local houses. He knew that Raz was going to have her puppy any moment (and had) and prayed for somewhere to live other than the cabin. Finally he found it, a shack just under 5K, exactly what he had saved with fishing and the dogs foraging!

The previous owner pressed the keys into his hands and left. 
They had a home at last.

Just in time for Mateo

It wasn't much, didn't even have electricity but it is warmer than the outside.

*Heres a better look*

Blue couldn't help smiling, he would be able to start a business with this little house. He had signed himself up for daycare duty, he wasn't qualified for anything else. That would be fun right?


Chapter 8

A goods night sleep was appreciated by the dogs

But Blue couldn't help beating himself up. The scene with Carly would have never had happened if they had enough money to support themselves. With winter nipping at their heels they would need to work hard to do more than just survive. 

He decided the best way to survive with the dogs would to enlist their help, he taught Raz how to hunt
"Go out in the woods, sniff out stuff, follow Zeke"

And so she did.

Zeke was quickly becoming an old pro, he sniffed out 3 feathers his first couple of times, it was something.

He set himself to fishing, he decided that since they had such a great apple harvest he would sell some of the excess for profit.

It was hard not to be optimistic, they were surprising successful and he had enough to buy himself a tent and some new clothes to keep warm, which could provide him with more protection from the weather

While Blue was enjoying his success Zeke and Raz were celebrating as well

However their luck was rather limited, a burglar came to the park to steal odds and ends that night

They had him cornered, but as Blue stared at the burglar, he realized they couldn't fight him without creating a stir, it wasn't worth losing their home over

So the bandit saw them and was free to take off running.

Disappointed, they tucked in for the night

Soon, they would have a home to call their own, Blue swore to it.