To be a bride... Day Three

They received a text from Natasha in the morning 

It is time for us to meet, please be prepared for my arrival at 2pm

The best meal of the morning was scrambled eggs, so it was served to the guests. It was good quality and the Queen seemed amused by the quaintness of the dish.

She even wound down enough that she boogied with the rest of the princesses, it was a treasured moment for all of them

Later in the afternoon they sat down for tea and cake

The Queen stated simply that all the women were satisfactory contestants for her son's heart and it had been a pleasure to enjoy their company, but she had other matters to attend to so she returned to the castle 

Celina made efforts to bond with Sierra after the party's success

And even had a bit of time for herself at the end of the day to play some mobile games

+300 good meal
+300 silver level party