100 baby challenge - second generation - part six

Tulip always felt like she needed to move quickly after a birth, she wanted to be pregnant again immediately, so she went over to the household of one of her new neighbors Conor O'Reilly

He agreed to follow her home, it was going to be a big success.

The meeting had been going well, after a long talk Tulip invited him to her bed

But Conor fell asleep before getting there! and kept on passing out during their conversations

Finally, Tulip gave up on Conor and sent him home, she asked Sean Kelly to come over

Sean was more than happy to take Conor's place

Baby jingle!

Like the rest of the guys, he was upset to get the boot in the morning, but it was necessary.

After all, she had gotten what she wanted

On more exciting news, Ruby and Emerald had done so well in school that they had been able to age up ahead of time, a first for the household.

They both looked rather fetching in the medieval clothing, Tulip found that Emerald reminded her a lot of her older brother Dandelion

One of Emerald's first actions as a teenager was to visit the household of Fiona O'Reilly

Her father happened to be Mr. O'Reilly, the man that was still a romantic interest with Tulip

It seemed that his wife now takes pleasure in torturing him, due to said interest

Emerald didn't let Fiona's parents distract him from what he really cared about... her

They hit it off so well that Emerald asked her to go steady with him and Fiona agreed

Over all, they had a perfect evening

And poor Conor drank his weight in sorrow

100 baby challenge - second generation - part five

In the middle of the night Tulip woke up... She knew it, she was pregnant!

The household was pretty managable, Ruby and Emerald were really good about doing their homework

And basically played amongst themselves for the most part

Everyone was pretty pleased about Pete, they played with him quite often

Tulip and Saffron had worked hard to skill Luna and Obsidian up, and finally when they were both ready Tulip threw a big birthday party. They got a chance to mingle with new neighbors and potential mates.

Saffron also got a chance to catch up with Vervain, who was doing well in the town and even was living with Bobo. Apparently Bobo had also found a way to come to town.

They all danced it up

Tulip got a chance to talk to a lot of different men, her charisma skill was going up rapidly and she was making quick friends of her guests

Finally the big moment came

 Obsidian was a serious young man

While Luna kept her more free spirited look

The household was booming with kids, there was always at least one kid up on a chair ruling over the court.

And even more kids were showing up to play after school

Funny enough it was her neighbor's kids who witnessed her birth to twin girls

Meet Pearl

And Amethyst, who kept her natural hair color that she had been given from her dad. 

100 baby challenge - second generation - part four

Luna was a wonderful surprise, she would be able to carry on Saffron's role in the household when it was time for the next generation to take over, but she was unexpected.

She was an extra toddler to help skill and raise up, and with Tulip's growing stomach it was increasingly important to at least have Emerald and Ruby age up.

Emerald had mastered walking, talking and going to the potty.

So Saffron spent the afternoon with Ruby, before the end of the day it was time for them to become kids

They both grew up pretty cute

And it was just in time for Tulip to have her next son


With Emerald and Ruby grown up, it was much easier to handle just Luna and Obsidian.

The kids kept on top of their homework

And still had a lot of fun

Tulip invited her next mate over, Kearney O'Shea. 

He hadn't been a vampire the last time she met him, it only made him more attractive!

Baby jingle!

He also didn't take the break up very well, but Tulip was a stubborn woman. She wanted to live the life that her mother had and this was a part of that deal.

She felt a little guilty as he went sobbing out the door. 

But soon there was a new distraction, the egg that had been sitting in the foyer started to shake and sparkle

And out came a baby dragon! Ruby named him Pete

*Writers note I'm fairly sure using Pete's ability to call for a friend would be incredibly cheaty, so I've decided that the little guy can stick around but Tulip cannot use his abilities.*