To be a bride.... day fifteen

The morning started off with a bang

Quirky Sierra caught her beauty sleep on the near by bench

It had been a long time since the garden had been tended to so Celina got on it

Everyone else relaxed, discussed alien events

Jammed to some music

Even played a round of chess

They were invited to have some tea and biscuits with the queen that evening

The prince made a very brief appearance, he couldn't say no to biscuits

Now by this point Celina was dead tired, stumbling over her own feet

And continued to stumble, until she actually broke a plate

As she threw the shards away, she had a choice, face the music or pin this on someone else
When it came down to it, she knew if she was going to shine a light on the mistakes of the other girls then it was only right to own up to her own

So she went to go see the Queen...

And confessed

The Queen paused in thought and then....


Starling to say the least

And laughed and laughed at the look on Celina's face
Celina laughed nervously along with the Queen.
When she finally stopped laughing, she stated that was a sufficient payment

Random event #2



So I just wanted to provide an update on this challenge because its been a significant amount of time since my last post and I wanted to say why! In the last few months I have been pretty busy moving all the way from Quebec to Ontario. It was mentally and physically exhausting, its taken a significant time to be prepared, move, and then settle in. But now that is done I will be finishing up this challenge.

I have to say, I like the characters that I have been playing with but another reason why this has been left for so long is because the random events are really boring and just about every other day of this challenge is a free 'random event' day. If I did this again I would look into different random events, possibly create my own. Even as it is I couldn't stand just constantly seeing the girls in the same environment with no change for so long so I often tweaked the challenges to better suit my game play. Since there is only about a sim week left of this challenge I will finish it up, but otherwise I think I would have moved on before this point.