Here is Blue's new sleepwear

I took a few days break from the story to explore Island paradise now and I had some fun shots

Reminds me of Geoffry from GOT

Usually hate ghosts, but ghost mom made for some pretty nice shots


With a tart it seems... that fizzled out quick!

This awkward best friend of Coconut made me giggle more than he should have. I have had enough adventuring now so I will be continuing on with Blue's tale soon!

Chapter 7

For the first time since arriving at Hidden Springs Blue was starting to feel welcome, he was invited to a party by one of the locals who visited the cabin. 

Nothing better than a halloween party of course!

He ended up finding an unexpected guest, his girlfriend Carly

Mating rituals of goofs

They spent almost the entire night together, gossiping, enjoying each others company. Blue learned that Carly lived near by. The way she described it made it seem homey and Blue could picture himself visiting some day, apparently she had two boys she was watching over until their parents came back. 

They said a sweet good bye and parted ways

It was a warm night so Blue was considering staying in the park for the last night

The party broke up as they left

Home sweet home

It seemed like Carly got too curious about seeing Blue's home after sharing so much about her home, she quietly followed him back

"Uh, hi"
It was hard not to feel awkward now she had caught him here, at least she had given him privacy while he had changed out of the tiger outfit

"This is unexpected..." Blue cautiously stated
"I wanted to join you for the night! I thought you'd be going home"

"Ugh, whats this?"
"Thats Zeke, my dog"

"What is the dog doing in such a dump?"
"He lives here..."

"Do you sleep here? Do you live here like the dog?"

There was no use in lying now. 
"I do"
Carly looked at him with a weary look in her eyes
"Well come on then, if I can look after the boys I can look after you"

"No! I don't need looking after. We are over, stay away from me"

She cried after him as he ran off with the dogs.

He hadn't fought this hard to be independent to be treated like a child again, he would survive one way or another. It was hard to put the thoughts of Carly away but he did and got some rest. 

Chapter 6

Night time was always a good time usually

However this night was colder than most

Zeke is no Lassie. 
It wasn't until this moment that Blue realized just how alone he was in this park, even if they noticed, the dogs could do nothing to help

This would be how he would die, alone, homeless, cold. 
There was nothing worse than this helplessness he felt.

Finally the unbelievable happened, he thawed, he lived!

It was hard to feel joy at brushing up with death, he had a good cry.

The decision to live in the cabin for the next few days was an easy one

And so, they slept as if it belonged to them

Chapter 5

The next few days were great, he took calls from Carly, it seemed like her interest was genuine. He tried to still keep his best friend company when he could.

He couldn't help feeling like Zeke was getting a little lonely, often he took long walks on his own, sniffing out goodies. Which Blue appreciated but he felt like Zeke didn't thrive as much on being alone as he did.

So it was awfully convenient when a little fluffy mutt started come around to play with Zeke

It gave Blue more time to work on his garden, secretly he had a dream of having the perfect garden but he was awhile away from that yet.

He even was taking an interest in non-edibles, he hadn't found a use for them yet but perhaps he could make a profit by selling off what he couldn't eat.

He couldn't help but notice that Zeke's new playmate seemed to be sticking around longer than most strays

He decided to tentatively give her a name, Raz. She seemed to be open to having him take care of her as well.

Fishin' time

It had been raining all morning which was good for the gardening and even wasn't so bad for fishing but it but a damper on the mood, he decided to head out to a near by diner to keep dry

Zeke and Raz already seemed like a pair, they both came along for the trip

The decor was a little loud but anything is bearable when your soaked to the bone for the third day in a row

The people on the other hand...Oof.

Raz seemed to have a mischievous side, that was immediately obvious

Zeke was just Zeke of course.

Always time to smell the roses! But he wouldn't be letting Carly know about this surprising social interaction

Finally the rain stopped so they were able to head home to enjoy the last moments of sunlight

Blue was able to provide them with their first treat, a proper dog house! He had found it on the side of the road and was able to hide it behind bushes well enough he didn't feel guilty for making additions on public property.