To be a bride... day fourteen


The next morning the girls had a limo waiting outside and a note that only said 'Happy spa day' was left on the table. It was handwritten and wasn't the Queen's recognizable swirl, it had to be from the prince. The excitement from them all was felt. They got to the spa and they found it had many activites to offer, relaxing yoga, massages, saunas, mediation. They had their pick. Most of them decided to start off with some yoga.

They all felt focused and calmed from the activity

Rylie took a mediation class after, she had an odd partner for it, but the important thing was getting into the zone 

Celina pampered herself with a massage

Jade was delighted to have an attractive young man rubbing her sore feet

And the others tried out the sauna

Over all they were pleased with the day out and came back to the house with energy and big smiles

500 points for Celina being in a good mood all day

To be a bride... day thirteen

Dmitri was a curious young man, he knew his mother was keeping a strict eye on the princesses and yearned to have a better picture for himself

"What activity have you set to them today Mother?" He inquired

She smiled, and then brought up some images on the computer

"I let them work on their own self improvement today, you can see for yourself"

"Celina took the time to make the garden evolve"

"Jade was drawn to playing the piano, which is commendable as she is rather timid"

"Miracle chose to brush up on her logical tactics"

"Arya took on breakfast, as well as attempted the violin

"Sierra polished her Juice on the Rocks blend"

"And last but not least, Rylie perfected a right hook"

Satisfied with the news, he expressed his thanks and also remarked 
"You should let them have a day of relaxation tomorrow, I admire their hard work and wish for them to be rewarded"
The Queen considered this, and finally gave a sharp nod. Tomorrow the girls would have a spa day.

There are a few events that slipped by the royal family, such as Celina's midnight trip to visit Miracle's relatives

Sierra's thrilling conversation with a lamp 

Their weary dance at the end of a long day of work

At the end of the day they pulled together for a meal, and then all fell into bed

To be a bride... day twelve

The queen had asked for a report on the abilities of the Princesses from her loyal private detective, he was able to email her the details of their successes. 

The results came back remarkably positive, all the girls were at least somewhat skilled. 







The data also came with a shocking piece of data, nearly all of the girls had little or no athletic ability, so with that knowledge the Queen sent her next letter

Greetings Princesses,

 Today I would press upon you the importance of staying healthy, I would ask that you all hit the gym for a few hours in order to improve yourself. My son will need a woman in both good spirits as well as good shape in order to manage our company in partnership. My limo will come at 1pm.


Queen Natasha Novak

Miracle and Arya were a bit unsure when they first came in and spent a few minutes jamming 

It didn't take them too long to get the hang of things and jump on machines

Some more reluctantly than others 

Arya struggled with self motivation when it came to punching a bag, it wasn't as fun as slugging another person

She bounced back by switching to a machine, which felt more like a battle

On the other side of the gym, Sierra had an audience
"Slam it, focus your energy, make it bleed, MAKE IT BLEED"

"Quit being a pansy about it, teach that sack a lesson!"

"That's a girl, good job sunshine" 
The man thoroughly tired Sierra out, but it sure felt good to have the support, even if it came with more criticisms than compliments"

They spent the afternoon sweating

They stopped by the park on their way home and had a tasty meal to celebrate their success at surviving exercise

+400 aspiration points due to having 6 points more than Rylie