Celina's Epilogue

(credit to thesimsupply for the house)

After Celina was done with the competition she decided that it was time to take big chances. She moved to another city, Windenburg and bought a unique house that is mostly underground. 

She modified the house to suit her needs, adding an upper room that became her painting space. Something about painting soothed her, Celina decided that it wasn't time to look for love and spent the next year dedicated to her new career. 

Love is funny, when your not looking for it, it finds you. One night when she went out to the bar with some of the other girls Paolo caught her eye. He was not what she considered her type but everything about him shouted fun and adventure so she took a chance and gave him her number

Sure enough he was just as expected, he was impulsive and took her to places she never would have thought of going, like the ruins on the other side of town or the Von Haunt house. They always had a laugh and both had good selfie game.

When they moved forward with their relationship it felt right, sparks went off whenever they were around each other, their passion was undeniable.

Still they both had their independence, their own friend groups and own lives outside of each other. 

Despite them being careful, Celina did end up getting pregnant from one of their nights together. She was a little nervous to tell Paolo, not sure if he was the commitment type. Celina felt confident that she could support her child alone, but she definitely couldn't hide the hope in her eyes when she let Paolo know. 

Paolo drew her close, gave her a deep kiss and when he pulled away he was smiling. He was thrilled by the news and asked Celina if she would let him live with her. 

The support from Paolo and friends during this time is something she'd always look back on and appreciate, she had a difficult pregnancy with a lot of nausea and back pain. 

During this time Paolo left the Partihaus, and spent most of his time off of work training and helping out Celina. He was looking to become a hall of famer. 

The day Paolo decided to take the next step, he took Celina to the place they had shared their first kiss. He took his time to thank the baby for coming in their life, and then went on to explain how moving in with Celina just showed him what an amazing sim she is. The baby brought them together but it was Celina who won his heart. Paolo asked her to become his wife. 

Celina said yes! The baby would have a father either way, but she wanted Paolo as more than just that, she wanted him in her life long after this next adventure. 

They decided to get married that same night, and exchanged their vows in private.
Not long after their son Finn was born

Finn was a kid with a good sense of humor, he was a goofball at heart

Also good at selfies!

He was a good spirit about going on trips with his parents and despite being an only child he never really felt like it because his parent's friends had so many kids and he grew up always interacting with them. His parents brought the best out in him, his dad always encouraged him to be apart of sports and to put himself out there, and his mom always had a steady supply of comic books to encourage his love of learning.

When Finn became an adult he was both a geek and active, on top of being a goof ball. He would dedicate himself to becoming a programmer and launching indie games. He would often discuss his game concepts with his best friend Dominic, who is Jade's son. They have similar passions and would eventually share an apartment together in Newcrest. 

As for his parents, they spent much of their adulthood travelling. Paolo had to go to sporting events all over the world, and even after he retired they made a habit of going somewhere new and warm every winter. Celina was able to pick up her painting tools and take it on the road with him. It helped keep her inspired and made her work more creative. It was much later in life that they both settled back down in Windenburg, the town that brought them together. Even in their marriage they still kept a good amount of independence, they both had their own friend groups to celebrate with. And most importantly, they always made time to visit their son. 

Miracle's Epilogue

So after the competition was over, the courtship began. Their first official date was to a park

It took awhile for him to work up the nerve to kiss her, but when he did they knew it was right.

Miracle was the one to blurt out that they should go steady and be exclusive. They both were equally enthused

A year later they had spent much of their time together, they had a more complete view of who they are apart and who they are together. 

Dmitri felt like the time was right

She gasped at first, speechless, he held his breath while waiting for her response

Which was a huge YES!

Due to their families they had enough clout to get the wedding arranged only a few months later.

It was a quiet affair on the Von Haunt grounds, they exchanged their vows and hugged for the first time as husband and wife

The princesses all attended, even Sierra who was a bit late due to getting lost in the maze 

When it was all said and done Queen Novak was a proud mother for succeeding in finding her son's love

Cake was had

Celebrations ensued

And after a long night with their friends and family, the newly weds head home

(credit to thesimsupply for the epic build)
Miracle's family brought down their own architect and provided their house as a wedding present, it was a house that merged space and nature together, a treehouse unlike any other. 

It wasn't long after that they were whisked off to their honey moon

Needless to say they enjoyed themselves

Thus resulting in a pregnancy, it all went smoothly and they adapted well to their new family life

Luna Novak grew up as a happy kid, a little shy like her mom but was a chatterbox when she got to know people.

She was encouraged to be creative and took on the artistic aspiration

A glance at the future would show Luna embracing her unique look, even going as far to dye her hair green in the style of some of her outer worldly cousins. Through her childhood she would have found a passion for writing and become a journalist.  Being cheerful, creative and ambitious, she would aspire to become a bestselling author while juggling her day job.

As for Miracle and Dmitri, they both decided to pursue passions they had never fully explored. Miracle became invested in the medical career and eventually a was quite the skilled doctor. While Dmitri became a mixologist. This meant for the most part they had night jobs once Luna left the house, but the lifestyle suited them both. When they retired they stayed in the house they had gotten way back when they still got married. They stayed in close touch with family and friends, and continued to appreciate each other.  

To be a bride... Finale

The prince was set up in their garden room to make his final announcement

He smiled at them all individually before launching onto his speech 

"I wish to start by saying that having this end is something I feel both joyous and nervous about. I feel like you are all lovely ladies. While I look forward to this next chapter in my life I also feel the weight of my decisions. I had to make this one with certainty....

I had to consider not just the individual characteristics I desired, but the characteristics of a good queen and wife, because that is what I seek in my spouse. The woman I have chosen has shown her kindness, her strength, and her intelligence. 

I can only hope that she also see the potential in our future and will agree to my request to court her."

He paused and looked directly at her

"Miracle, you are the one"

To say she was stunned was an understatement

Sierra was the first to burst into a smile and applaud, Rylie was staring forward blankly

Arya pouted and groaned

Jade smiled and was the first to offer congratulations

Celina felt elated for Miracle, and not as disappointed as she thought she would be at the news. 

The other girls cleared out of the room and left the couple to become acquainted
They spoke seriously about how the courtship would work and took turns asking questions about each other

There was a warmth between them. As they were wrapping up for the night, Miracle got a little closer to Dmitri and whispered in his ear "I think you should know, I snore"

The laugh that ensued was music to her ears.  It certainly was a match with potential