Final chapter sadly

The new addition to the household took after her grandma! Cherry had bright red hair from the start

"Now say my favorite word, diiiiivorce"

While she was cynical of love, that didn't stop Mango from taking a quiet moment in the dark to reach out to an old friend

"Remember me Gustave? We had fun in france, would you like to come down for a visit?"

He was quick to come down.

Mango was particularly frisky with Gustave

Later that week Amki came to visit, to ask a favor...

 Old age had hit the alien and unwillingly she had been taken from earth

Leaving Khal all alone in this world, apart from his godmother, Mango.

Gustave almost fit into the family to well, him and Liang looked rather like long lost twins

Overall, life was good for Kiwi, motherhood suited her

Cherry turned into a spunky young girl

I'm sad to say that this is where the story of Mango and Kiwi ends, this picture is just one of the noticable glitches I experienced. The other one was that I can no longer invite foreign guests or make babies. The plan was for Mango and Gustave to have a child, hopefully a boy named Blueberry. Khal was one of my favorite additions to the story and would have been around quite often. Cherry had a lot of attitude as a baby and kid and I felt like she would have been quite the black widow.  

My game crashed completely shortly after Cherry aged up, so I have deleted the world, done some patching and I will start an individual story on the boards about


Second scandal - day 8

*Huff puff* "LIANG?"


Welcome to the family little Cherry Yat Sen

Mango said good bye to her new niece, it was time for her to shake off her exploring clothes and leave again.


No, Egypt. 

She met this young man on her way to the market, his name was Farid Kamel, he invited her to come back to his place and spend the remainer of his visit with her

His parents were very welcoming
If only a little pushy about their son "He is single by the way"

He was a bit persistent as well "May I visit your town?"
Mango didn't have a problem with that, the more the merrier

"Oh, another guy."
Kiwi seemed to be receiving bad vibes from the oblivious Egyptian.

"Beautiful, like yourself Mango"

It was hard to resist that kind of sweetness

Kiwi was obviously disturbed by a practical stranger touching her newborn. 

Not that he noticed.

"BAZINGA, lets get married my love!"

Of course Mango agreed, she couldn't think of a reason why she wouldn't want to marry  Farid.

Doing it right on the spot was a little quirky, but Farid insisted this would be for the best.

"Lets make babies"

"Really? Your joking right"

"No! Babies now, yes!"
"No. We just got married and I've only known you for a few days."
He seemed alright with that when he saw how serious she was.

And went to go comfort himself by caring for his niece.
"Excuse me Farid? Can I have my child back?"

He didn't seem to think this was a reasonable request.

Needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant exchange of words.

They were a close family, and Kiwi wasn't above complaining when her child was involved.

"He humiliated me."

"Is this true, how dare you be rude to my sister?"
"Mango, see sense, it is her stingy nature"

"No its not"
"Yes it is"
When he clenched his fists Mango was shocked.

"Divorce, now."

Kiwi was relieved.

Second scandal day 7

Puddles seem delightful when your jelly been high

"Will you---"

It wasn't long after the proposal that they threw their wedding, they wanted to have the warm sun on their special day, they invited all of their friends, and most of Mango's exes

The crowd was brimming with emotion. But Mango couldn't help feeling rather detached from the whole event, would she ever have this day herself?

 The happy couple enjoyed themselves

Again, and again and again.

When Beatrice arrived it was a relief

Mango could have a taste of the happiness her sister has

...Or not...

Beatrice wasn't interested in taking the relationship further just because Mango was going through a midlife crisis

"J'aime mon ami, but I have to go home, this isn't the right place for me, and nor am I the right person for you"
It was hard to argue when she was so right, so they broke up on good terms

Kiwi had happy news, all that enthusiasm for woohoo put a bun in the oven

Maybe it was time for Mango to stop being childish, play house so to speak