100 baby challenge - Bachelor party

A roll of camera from the bachelor party can speak a thousand words, so this party will speak for itself

100 baby challenge - part twenty eight

Rose made another appearance not long after the big birthday explosion

Tulip got a chance to meet her mother for real, last time she had seen her mother she had been barely able to speak

Rose was happy to tell her daughter about the woman she had been prior to death

Rose got a chance to talk about herself and her other siblings, she bonded with her mother over loving kids and having such a sense of adventure

Rose was happy to learn that Tulip had met Eni, she asked that her daughter spend some more time with her old friend

She encouraged Tulip to push herself and her siblings to continue to do so well in school

Rose teared up at the end, expressing her sadness at not being able to be there for all of their big moments, she was thrilled to hear that Poppy was getting married. 

Tulip gave her mom a big hug and they said their farewells before Rose had to return to the otherside again

Tulip let Poppy know about Rose's congratulations, he grinned ear to ear. She also asked him if he would be able to teach her how to drive

Some how, he agreed. She picked up the knack of it before too long and mastered the skill.

Which was lucky because it was time for the graduation of Poppy and  Daffodil

The entire family showed up for the ceremony and showed their support

100 baby challenge - part twenty eight

Poppy let the mirror in on a secret, it was his day become a full grown vampire.

It was also a big day for Daffodil, Saffron, Tulip and Vervain. The kids had all gotten on the honor roll list and were ready to become teenagers

Poppy now came with a fire hazard warning

Daffodil went back to purple scales

Vervain embraced his rocker boy look

Saffron went for more a geeky look, he had developed a fondness of comic books to go with his obsession with chess.

And Tulip had turned into a pretty young lady, choosing to stick with a more classic look.

On the eve of their birthday, Poppy spared no time and called up Teri.
He had a final test, a birthday wish of sorts to request from her.

He whispered it to her first, that he wanted to taste her fae blood.
When she agreed he went to her neck, kissed it, and then bit.

She didn't struggle, she just gave a content sigh as he had his meal

When he released her, he could see on her face that she was as in love with him as ever.

He thought she was perfect and wasn't shy to say as much

The smile she gave was heartwarming

He got down on his knee and took out the engagement ring without a doubt on his mind
"Will you be my bride?"

"YEEEEES" She squealed so loudly the entire neighborhood could hear i

They celebrated the moment

He gave his fiancee a big kiss and promised to set the date after his bachelor party