Rylie's Epilogue

Rylie was determined to find love after the contest. She still lived with Arya until she could figure out where she wanted to go. She tried a blind date, the gentleman was openly bored with her.

She tried meeting people in locations that shared her interests, she found a library with a bar, but she also struck out there

She even tried online dating, but the fellow she met was just plain rude to her

It was after another unsuccessful date Rylie went to a bar that was hosting a ghost party to drink her woes

It was then that she met Bernard. Bernard was happily married to Mimsy but he had some advice for her if she was brave enough. There was a young gentleman that could only be found at an exclusive park at night, she would have to go there and see if he showed up. And of course be prepared for a most unusual love. 

Despite it seeming pretty far fetched, Rylie went to the park he indicated and took a nap while waiting for this mysterious guy

When she woke up, she spotted a ghost, it didn't take her longer than a moment to realize this is who Bernard was trying to set her up with

Keeping an open mind, she decided to get to know him. He introduced himself as Carlos. 

The attraction was there between them almost immediately

The night ended so well she swooped him into a romantic kiss

It turns out that prior to his death, Carlos had been a fireman. Due to the dangers of his job he had saved his woohoo juice so that he could one day have kids if he ever got injured. Of course he never expected to pass away before completing his wish of having a family. Rylie also wanted a family badly, and after many nightly visits with Carlos and discussions, they decided to try to have one together even with the struggles involved. She took fertility medication and ended up having triplets, two girls and one boy. Meet Emory, Delia and Tanisha.

This did mean however that Rylie was practically a single mother, Carlos could only visit them during the evenings and would vanish as soon as the sun came up.  

This time was always precious to him and the kids, he was grateful to be able to watch them grow at all. His desire to be married was what still allowed him to be a restless spirit and continue to stay in the land of the living.

He had been helpful when they were babies, but as they grew they only saw him for brief periods before going to bed. Every night he had to bid a sad farewell to his family

Rylie worked in the science sector to try to work on a cure for her love, but she was still miles away from the discovery that would allow him to be with them. 

Finally, there was a glimmer of hope, but it came with risk. He brought Rylie to the wishing well and explained what he had heard. This well could bring a ghost back to life, but it could also send one to the next. 

Rylie was reluctant to take that risk, not with the love of her life. Carlos assured her that no matter what happened that he would be better off. He wanted to be with them, his family was worth it. He gave her a last kiss and asked her to leave the area. 

(Big thanks to @xsimsugar as this moment wouldn't happened without her gift)

It happened! The well granted him a second life

Reunited, the couple shared a long celebratory  kiss

The kids joined in the celebration with a dance in the fountain. It was still an adjustment for them all, but a much anticipated one. 

Not long after, Carlos brought Rylie to the place that his life was renewed and proposed, she was delighted to say a big YES!

They decided to say their vows in the same venue

Finally, they were a complete family

After the wedding, Rylie continued her work at the lab and Carlos became a musician. They both lived long, happy lives and they did not return as sim ghosts when they passed as they had no unfinished business. 

As for the kids, Tanisha became a teacher. She had a passion for learning and teaching others. Her nose could always be found in a romance book as she was wishful about finding true love. She also had a healthy appreciation for works of art.  

Emory grew up to be a very athletic and career orientated sim. He made a name for himself in the field of professional boxing as a man most could respect losing to. In his personal life he was a very calm and collected guy, who had a protective streak when it came to his family.   

And last but certainly not least, Tanisha would be an astronaut. She had a passion for science like her mother but she wanted to take it in different direction than just a ho-hum lab. She was determine to become a great explorer. She had a passion for the outdoors and space. She was especially close with Emory and they often would work out together as fitness was important for both of their careers.