To be a bride... day sixteen

The morning started with smiles and a full stomach, Celina was the first one to the kitchen, most of the other girls were battling over the bathrooms

So it just so happened that she was the only one around to notice a man lingering on the side walk in front of their house

There was something recognizable about him, he looked like he worked for the Novak family, Celina went out of her way to say hello 

Turns out that was a good call, the gentleman was their butler and had a word of advice for Celina.
"I hear that the lot you once had a baking competition in has been modified to improve charisma, something important to the Queen. If I was you, I'd go down and make use of it"

When she got back inside she mulled that information over. She could share the tip or keep it to herself. Finally at supper time she decided to share it and the girls all went out to the location.

And so they all practiced until it got dark and the auto lights came on.

It turns out this wasn't just a place for them to practice, it was also an exclusive dance club, it wasn't long before people poured in. Including the prince!

They all got into the mood to groove quickly

Miracle had a spot of bad luck, she got yelled at by an alien hater
"Your people knocked up my husband"

Miracle backed off from the lady quickly, feeling upset

It wasn't hard to tell that something was wrong, Celina was quick to offer reassurance

She encouraged her friend to get back into the enjoyable parts of the party and stick near them so they could protect her

The body guard of Dmitri asked that the Prince make a timely exit

The princesses followed suit

Everyones ears were ringing when they returned, but it was still a successful day

+ 1 kindness point for letting everyone know to practice charisma