To be a bride... Day Four

The morning off started off tense, most of the girls were starting to squabble, they were all impatient to make progress with the competition but there had been no notice from the Queen today

After being told "your toast and eggs taste like dirt" Celina put her foot down, she called for everyone into the living room

"We will have to live together for at least a month, it is in our interest to not to tear each other apart. So lets be clear, next person that insults my food gets to wear it."
Most of the girls seemed to take this to heart and made more of an effort to get along

When Celina went outside to throw out the trash, a gentleman came up to her and paid her a compliment. 
"I knew that princesses would be living here, but I hadn't known they would be as pretty as you"

He was one of their neighbors, Geoffry Landgraab, another wealthy member of the Willow Creek community

Flattered, Celina didn't spurn his advances. She had not had a real opportunity to meet and grow to love the prince yet, so it was nice to enjoy a simple flirtation 

They spoke for some time, Geoffrey let her know that if all did not work out she was welcome to come visit his family, his son Malcom would be an advantageous spouse.  
She thanked him for his kindness.

When she returned to the household she took a little time for herself. It has been risky to flirt and explore her options so openly. She needed to be invested in winning if she was going to make it through this with a spouse. While she felt both enthused and cheerful about her future, she also knew it wasn't wise to jeopardize that and vowed to keep her eyes on the prize until the end of these next few weeks. She felt like the anger that she had once felt had melted away and now she was more focused than ever on finding the 'one'. 

The rest of the day had passed mostly uneventfully

Except that Arya and Rylie exchanged harsh words late at night. They had both met outside of the household, to discuss while the rest were sleeping. What had first seemed like the first household alliance had turned ugly quickly.

Aloof, angry, the girls had parted on cold glares

Random event #8 
Successfully flirted without getting caught, changed Celina's Hot-headed trait to Romantic as the reward