Grim joins the family

Clara arrived on earth with her little one Daisy. It was not unusual in their culture for men to be at travel for long periods of time and absent when it came to parenthood. Their planet was peaceful, but often chaotic when it came to weather.She was given the opportunity to move to earth after her own abode was taken by a sink hole, earth had mild atmosphere and few catastropic events, but the population was often dismissive and negative towards new life forms. Still, Clara thought the risk was worth it. 

She had some money saved up from her last pregnancy, to allow them to live in a good sized home and experience the earth cultural items, like baths and new food. Daisy was partial to their bed time tales and apple sauce. In their culture while absent physicially, the men were often very supportive financially.

When Clara got news that an alien gathering was taking place, she decided she was ready to be a mother again. Their mating dance was conducted in a strange earth creation called a 'bush' but it did the job, she was pregnant. 

Out on a shopping trip, Clara came upon Death, otherwise known as the Grim Reaper. Clara was no stranger to Grim, many great aliens had been taken to the next place by him.Unlike humans they did not see his presence as menacing, he was a respected aspect of their final stage of life. Grim was pleasntly surprised that she allowed him to feel the growth of new life within her. He appreciated a break from the usual screams and crying he was faced with on earth. 

They even took a moment to gaze at the sky and talk about her home world. Now Grim is only one worker of many reapers, he had never had the experience of her planet but he was fascinated by it. 

With that experience behind her, Clara continued to raise her daughter, while expecting the birth of her next child

(credit to @hatsyYT for this build!)

The birth of  her son Sky was welcome. Like with all births, it resulted in an influx of cash. They were able to move into a significantly bigger and more joyously decorated home.  Daisy turned into bright young girl. 

Childhood was treating them both well. Sometimes it was overwhelming for Clara, bouncing her baby boy on one hip and trying to help Daisy with homework at the same time, but she was managing.

Everything changed when there was a death in front of their lawn

Death moved the soul on to the next place, but he didn't leave immediately. He noticed an alien child regarding him with curiousity

The child seemed concerned, she asked why he did that. He explained he guided people to the next place when their time is up. He did not control how long they had. His time as a guide was drawing to a close, he was an old spirit and a tired one. Daisy seemed to accept this. She invited him to come join them for supper.

So, he did.

Afterwards he spoke to Clara as she did the dishes. He admitted to growing weary of his job. Another reaper could accept his place, but he didn't know how to live as her and her children did, with joy. 
Clara invited him to spend his 'retirement' with them, so that they could help him. 

Sky seemed rather puzzled by the Grim's appearance but appreciated that Grim was always available to help. He never slept, never ate, had no bodily functions and surprisingly was almost always in a neutral or good mood. 

Daisy was constantly asking questions, they had some rules. She couldn't ask about the afterlife, he couldn't advise how he came into existance, but he could discuss his other experiences, as long as it wasn't graphic. 

She surprised Grim when they became friends by gesturing for him to come down to her level, and then giving him a hug. He was shocked. Very few people expressed affection to him unless they wanted his power to pull someone back from the brink of death. A power of course he no longer had. Daisy didn't care about that, she appreciated his time and attention

If Grim could smile, he was. He hugged her back tightly.

Teaching young Sky new words was a delight. The kids were such sponges when it came to information. 

He was advised to take up something called 'hobbies' and work towards things such as 'goals'. He decided his hobby would be gardening and he would work towards becoming a collector of nature. 

Not a bad start to his new life.