To be a bride... day eighteen

Celina woke up in a foul mood, bad dreams plagued her sleep. 

To say she was surly was an understatement, even just hearing the others laugh and chat made her feel livid. She had a choice, interact with them and risk making enemies or avoid everyone. It was tempting to go pick a fight with someone, she wasn't especially fond of Arya and even some of her friends got on her nerves after living together for so long. But some how she knew she might regret it,  so she stomped up starts and promptly ignored everyone.

The other girls took the opportunity to get to know each other better

They bonded over their all time favorite activity, dancing

Gossiped and discussed the prince in their pjs

Went for a refreshing dip in one of the tiniest pools that the girls had ever seen, Arya was the first to remember its presence

Miracle and Rylie chatted about space with the Stars shining above them

Miracle whipped herself up a night cap to toast a good day

At the end of the day spent in silence Celina has simmered down enough and felt more human

Enough so she even felt okay enough to chat with the others. It hadn't been a productive day or even a good day, but she felt relieved that she had bit her tongue and kept her cool.

Random event #5

To be a bride... day seventeen

The morning started a little rocky, Celina had to gulp down medicine to fight off an illness. But today was an exciting day that demanded they all be in good form, the Queen and King would be arriving. Celina took extra care to ensure the garden looked it's best which turned out to be smart as the Queen Novak did ask about it

They started off the event with a good meal.

Celina had given mixed impressions to the queen previously, she had been kind enough to return stolen jewelry but had also been clumsy enough to break valuables. Celina wanted to change that mixed view and win the queen back, so she set out to do so in earnest 

The other princesses also did their best to make an impression, all wore their best evening gowns to be a reminder of their status 

Miracle almost ended up going in her space suit but the other girls suggested an earth dress might be more suitable and Miracle agreed, wearing a dress was more comfortable than having all that armour weight down on her.

The king mostly just got his groove on by himself for most of the evening

The night was a success, Celina made an excellent friend in the queen, sharing gossip, secrets and other tidbits until the Queen was relaxed and smiling, the royal couple left in good spirits

+ 200 points for becoming good friends with the queen 
+ 300 for having at least two plants of very nice quality 

To be a bride... day sixteen

The morning started with smiles and a full stomach, Celina was the first one to the kitchen, most of the other girls were battling over the bathrooms

So it just so happened that she was the only one around to notice a man lingering on the side walk in front of their house

There was something recognizable about him, he looked like he worked for the Novak family, Celina went out of her way to say hello 

Turns out that was a good call, the gentleman was their butler and had a word of advice for Celina.
"I hear that the lot you once had a baking competition in has been modified to improve charisma, something important to the Queen. If I was you, I'd go down and make use of it"

When she got back inside she mulled that information over. She could share the tip or keep it to herself. Finally at supper time she decided to share it and the girls all went out to the location.

And so they all practiced until it got dark and the auto lights came on.

It turns out this wasn't just a place for them to practice, it was also an exclusive dance club, it wasn't long before people poured in. Including the prince!

They all got into the mood to groove quickly

Miracle had a spot of bad luck, she got yelled at by an alien hater
"Your people knocked up my husband"

Miracle backed off from the lady quickly, feeling upset

It wasn't hard to tell that something was wrong, Celina was quick to offer reassurance

She encouraged her friend to get back into the enjoyable parts of the party and stick near them so they could protect her

The body guard of Dmitri asked that the Prince make a timely exit

The princesses followed suit

Everyones ears were ringing when they returned, but it was still a successful day

+ 1 kindness point for letting everyone know to practice charisma

To be a bride.... day fifteen

The morning started off with a bang

Quirky Sierra caught her beauty sleep on the near by bench

It had been a long time since the garden had been tended to so Celina got on it

Everyone else relaxed, discussed alien events

Jammed to some music

Even played a round of chess

They were invited to have some tea and biscuits with the queen that evening

The prince made a very brief appearance, he couldn't say no to biscuits

Now by this point Celina was dead tired, stumbling over her own feet

And continued to stumble, until she actually broke a plate

As she threw the shards away, she had a choice, face the music or pin this on someone else
When it came down to it, she knew if she was going to shine a light on the mistakes of the other girls then it was only right to own up to her own

So she went to go see the Queen...

And confessed

The Queen paused in thought and then....


Starling to say the least

And laughed and laughed at the look on Celina's face
Celina laughed nervously along with the Queen.
When she finally stopped laughing, she stated that was a sufficient payment

Random event #2