Life of Blue - Closed for now

So why has Blue's story come to an end?

I just felt that after Blue found his home, I really couldn't write a better ending for him, and sure enough I ended up continuing it with a story I really didn't like 

With this female character. And it just made me completely fall out of love with Blue and Blue's story, so I will end off like the above never happened, and you can all blissfully make your own happily ever afters for him.

Since then I've explored other possibilites, most of which I haven't continued with. But this was a fun use of create a sim!

Why so serious?


"Don't you dare step on that flower"

I had to resist adding Hyena's for her!

Cats don't like water

Work it Alfred!

That seemed amusing at first but I've moved on

To the future!

Bots amuse the hell out of me

Everything looks badass

Minus this thing.

I'm going to keep exploring and hopefully come back to story writing soon!