100 baby challenge - second generation - Romance blooms

The kids decided to spend leisure day on the beach while Tulip and Luna skilled up the triplets

They even did some snorkling and found some gems

Opal soon went home, growling about 'hating the outdoors'

They even took Pete out to do some flying

Topaz received a call from Virgil, who wanted to go out on a date. Intrigued, Topaz showed up in front of the restaurant and was pleased to meet this young man.

Luckily he had thought to bring flowers

They had some food, and when they came back out, Virgil confessed to having a big crush on Topaz

Topaz was so delighted he kissed him!

Before the night wrapped up, he asked Virgil if he wanted to go steady

To which Virgil gave an enthusiastic "Yes!"

100 baby challenge - second generation - part sixteen

After the wedding, Rose went over to the O'Connell household. She had planned to visit with her friend Seamus, but she was pleasantly surprised to see that his boys were all down up. 

The twins were looking pretty sweet, and Aiden's jealousy over her lavishing her attentions on Brien was quite the amusement.

She had a feeling that things would go well with Brien, so she downed a procreation elixir.

And joined him in the shower.... Baby jingle!

They broke up before she head back home

Back home Opal had a quiet birthday

She looked wiser than her years

The vamp girls spent the evening trying to outdo each other in chess, they were both high level due to their fast paced learning ability

They ended the evening sharing a healthy shot of blood

Tulip received the happy news that she was pregnant again

Lapis was happy to celebrate with her

100 baby challenge - second generation - Nearly Eloping

It wasn't long after Emerald had left the house that Obsidian had a burning desire to make his own home with Colette

He was so confident that he invited her to the grounds they would get married on

He popped the question

Her yes was music to his ears

They wanted something private for the family

Saffron thought it was a little too private and sudden, he only came because he stumbled upon the wedding after being out for a swim

Still, life was short, and the couple was happy to solidify their union

They made no promises they couldn't keep, they both shared just a solemn vow to care for each other the best of their ability

Who would have guessed Obsidian would one day be kissing Colette on their wedding day

100 baby challenge - second generation - part fifteen

The next day was a big one for celebration, the triplets were ready to go to school

So far they all were very varied, they hardly looked like siblings

Because there were no toddlers in the household, the family decided to go for a beach day

They even happened upon Saffron doing some research in the sun

But the timing wasn't as great as they hoped

Tulip went into labour as soon as she hit the beach

While the rest of the kids had some relaxing swim time

Or took a nice nap

Tulip went to the hospital and came back with two more twins

Meet Coral 

And Lapis Lazui, a ghost baby due to the potion Tulip had consumed