To be a bride... day nineteen

Dear princesses,

First I would like to thank you all for blessing myself and my family with your company. Already I feel a lot has been added to my life from this unique experience. I would like a memento from each of you to remember this by, a painting. The limo will drive you to where the canvas' are set up. 

Kind regards,

Prince Dmitri 

And so the girls set off 

None of them where particularly artistic or skilled at this craft so all of the girls took their time

They had to be thoughtful of what they knew of the prince, trying to think of what he would appreciate 

By the end they were all satisfied with their work and one of the prince's men loaded the paintings in a van to be delivered to the prince

It had been partly a contest, there was a value issued to each painting, and this was the final scoring
Celina 169
Arya 127
Miracle 125
Sierra 122
Jade 120
Rylie 100$

Miracle seemed pretty keen on painting, she continued even after the contest was over

Arya was rather snide about that fact, making a point to say there was no one left from the royal place  to impress

Miracle smiled and simply replied that unlike others she didn't do every action just as a show. Then turned to continue her work. 
Flustered and annoyed Arya stomped off. 

Celina also completed an extra flirty painting

Another day closer to knowing the results the girls all went home and tucked in

300 for painting being worth more than other candidates
+ 200 for painting a flirty painting