To be a bride... day eighteen

Celina woke up in a foul mood, bad dreams plagued her sleep. 

To say she was surly was an understatement, even just hearing the others laugh and chat made her feel livid. She had a choice, interact with them and risk making enemies or avoid everyone. It was tempting to go pick a fight with someone, she wasn't especially fond of Arya and even some of her friends got on her nerves after living together for so long. But some how she knew she might regret it,  so she stomped up starts and promptly ignored everyone.

The other girls took the opportunity to get to know each other better

They bonded over their all time favorite activity, dancing

Gossiped and discussed the prince in their pjs

Went for a refreshing dip in one of the tiniest pools that the girls had ever seen, Arya was the first to remember its presence

Miracle and Rylie chatted about space with the Stars shining above them

Miracle whipped herself up a night cap to toast a good day

At the end of the day spent in silence Celina has simmered down enough and felt more human

Enough so she even felt okay enough to chat with the others. It hadn't been a productive day or even a good day, but she felt relieved that she had bit her tongue and kept her cool.

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