To be a bride... Finale

The prince was set up in their garden room to make his final announcement

He smiled at them all individually before launching onto his speech 

"I wish to start by saying that having this end is something I feel both joyous and nervous about. I feel like you are all lovely ladies. While I look forward to this next chapter in my life I also feel the weight of my decisions. I had to make this one with certainty....

I had to consider not just the individual characteristics I desired, but the characteristics of a good queen and wife, because that is what I seek in my spouse. The woman I have chosen has shown her kindness, her strength, and her intelligence. 

I can only hope that she also see the potential in our future and will agree to my request to court her."

He paused and looked directly at her

"Miracle, you are the one"

To say she was stunned was an understatement

Sierra was the first to burst into a smile and applaud, Rylie was staring forward blankly

Arya pouted and groaned

Jade smiled and was the first to offer congratulations

Celina felt elated for Miracle, and not as disappointed as she thought she would be at the news. 

The other girls cleared out of the room and left the couple to become acquainted
They spoke seriously about how the courtship would work and took turns asking questions about each other

There was a warmth between them. As they were wrapping up for the night, Miracle got a little closer to Dmitri and whispered in his ear "I think you should know, I snore"

The laugh that ensued was music to her ears.  It certainly was a match with potential