Miracle's Epilogue

So after the competition was over, the courtship began. Their first official date was to a park

It took awhile for him to work up the nerve to kiss her, but when he did they knew it was right.

Miracle was the one to blurt out that they should go steady and be exclusive. They both were equally enthused

A year later they had spent much of their time together, they had a more complete view of who they are apart and who they are together. 

Dmitri felt like the time was right

She gasped at first, speechless, he held his breath while waiting for her response

Which was a huge YES!

Due to their families they had enough clout to get the wedding arranged only a few months later.

It was a quiet affair on the Von Haunt grounds, they exchanged their vows and hugged for the first time as husband and wife

The princesses all attended, even Sierra who was a bit late due to getting lost in the maze 

When it was all said and done Queen Novak was a proud mother for succeeding in finding her son's love

Cake was had

Celebrations ensued

And after a long night with their friends and family, the newly weds head home

(credit to thesimsupply for the epic build)
Miracle's family brought down their own architect and provided their house as a wedding present, it was a house that merged space and nature together, a treehouse unlike any other. 

It wasn't long after that they were whisked off to their honey moon

Needless to say they enjoyed themselves

Thus resulting in a pregnancy, it all went smoothly and they adapted well to their new family life

Luna Novak grew up as a happy kid, a little shy like her mom but was a chatterbox when she got to know people.

She was encouraged to be creative and took on the artistic aspiration

A glance at the future would show Luna embracing her unique look, even going as far to dye her hair green in the style of some of her outer worldly cousins. Through her childhood she would have found a passion for writing and become a journalist.  Being cheerful, creative and ambitious, she would aspire to become a bestselling author while juggling her day job.

As for Miracle and Dmitri, they both decided to pursue passions they had never fully explored. Miracle became invested in the medical career and eventually a was quite the skilled doctor. While Dmitri became a mixologist. This meant for the most part they had night jobs once Luna left the house, but the lifestyle suited them both. When they retired they stayed in the house they had gotten way back when they still got married. They stayed in close touch with family and friends, and continued to appreciate each other.