To be a twenty

After yesterday the girls weren't certain what to expect, so it was mixed feelings that they opened a letter from the king

Dear princesses,

The Prince has neared his decision, he will announce the winner of this contest tomorrow. This will be the only woman he will court for marriage. You may all spend the day as you wish but you must remain in the home.


King Novak 

The girls were a buzz with chatter and speculation over who it would be. Even while there had been ups and downs in the household, most of the girls learned to get along fairly well and while they were competitive there had also been a kinship formed over this. They were all nervous and excited

It was a day to treasure friendships and share in the feeling of anticipation

They did as they often did, danced, and chatted

Some girls were a bit more anxious than excited

Celina was quick to pass out pep talks, for their benefit and her own, they all entered this for their own reasons but no matter the outcome they would all have gotten a good experience from it. They had gained skills, friends, and connections beyond their own lands.

Most of the girls head to bed early, but Jade was not one of them

Despite believing in her own words, Celina was not able to sleep and went outside to have a chat

They decided to jump into a game of chess to challenge their minds in the hopes it would tire them. Eventually it did work.

Tomorrow would be the big day.

Random event #10 

7 in charisma = 300 
7 cooking = 300