Sierra's epilogue

Sierra found after the competition was over that she wanted to be around people who were more like her. Other people who dealt with insanity. She became a captain of a club that was based on mischief and their common trait. They met up once a week at coffee shops usually to guzzle down drinks and shout at each other about anything and everything. 

It was during one of these meetings that she noticed this quiet fellow watching and listening to them. Obviously he wasn't insane, but he seemed to still be sympathetic to their mental health woes. When she came over to talk to him they found some common ground, he struggled with his gloominess. 

It wasn't long after that they both decided to move out of their comfort zone and went on a date. It was certainly a success. She learned that his name is Kristopher, and beyond being gloomy he was also a romantic, a collector and a glutton. 

Months later, Kris had practically moved into her house, she had a fairly cramped one so they often made good use out of the outdoor space. They enjoyed each others company, and despite both of their issues they got a long fairly well. 

It was that night that Kris decided it was time to tell Sierra his big secret...

That he is an alien!

If anything it made Sierra more into him

A year later still, they found that they had quite a few tough times. She would talk to herself, have grand conspiracy theories and often say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Kris was equally troubled, he'd fall into fits of sadness and have trouble of shaking it off. 

Still, somehow the love was still there. They weren't a perfect match, but they still made it work.

(credit to simproved for this house!)

They had lasted long enough they decided to move out of Sierra's small studio home into this quirky two floor house

Times were good for awhile. They both agreed that they didn't want to have children or be married, both things would require a lot of commitment and hard work, and working on themselves was already a full time job for them both. Kris was a secret agent and Sierra turned her unique personality into a selling point by going into the comedian career track. 

They lived together happily for many years, but the day that Kristopher was going to be an full fledged adult, he had a serious conversation with Sierra. He was needed by the Sixam community, they wanted him to come back and use his expertise to assist them with their training programs and pilot their pregnancy ship.  It was too big of an honor for him to turn down, but it would mean that he would only be able to come back to visit. 

Sierra was devastated , but neither was she able to uproot her life and go with him.

On the last day of his freedom before enlisting, he created a portal in Sierra's back yard so he would have an entrance to come back. He invited her to test it with him.  

Seeing Sixam was amazing, but it was also very bittersweet

As their visit together came to an end, Kristopher promised to come see her whenever he could, and if they still shared the same love when they were old and grey, he would come live with her again.

Sierra had a successful career as a comedian. She had two extra bedrooms in her house that she always offered openly to anyone that needed it. Over the years she had many guests, mostly people struggling to get their feet back under them and fellow members of her club. 

Still her favorite guest was always Kris

In the end he kept his promise. While they had gone through different phases over the years of being together and being apart, they always remained friends. Through their last years they rekindled their romance and spent their remaining days together.