Arya's epilogue

Arya knew that she wanted a husband who was as wealthy as her, so through her connections she found out about Malcom Landgraab and made a point to hang out at the same parties. It didn't take long for him to notice her, he even asked her to home back to his home to have a meal. 

Unfortunately that didn't go as well as expected

Every cloud has a sliver lining, due to this fire Arya got to play the hero and spray him down. 

They even bonded over it, as Arya had once been victim to arson  herself, they even had a laugh over their cooking skills. Geoffrey on the other hand, didn't find any humor in his house almost burning down. 

It wasn't a surprise to Arya when she got the next call from Malcom. She found out that he was very different than his parents, they were very kind hearted, simple, good people. He on the other hand considered himself to be superior, he was dastardly, a snob, and evil. Yet still incredibly likable, despite not agreeing with everything he said, Arya was fasciated by him and his drive to be more successful than his parents ever had been. 

After a good date, he moved in to get a kiss, and Arya gave him a small peck on the cheek. She knew he was the sort of guy that would lose interest quickly, so she worked hard to keep him on his toes and constantly trying to win her affection. 

It was only months later that Malcom realized she was the one. He took her to a beach resort, got down on one knee and asked her to be his partner in life. 

Her answer was to reward him with a passionate kiss. 

His parents threw the wedding in Oasis Springs, it was a grand affair 

Still, they had time to enjoy the moment, finally they were wed

The princess mansion was vacant after Dmitri and Miracle decided to live in their futuristic space house, so Arya and Rylie decided to stay. After the wedding they decided to all live together temporarily until they all found where they wanted to go next. 

Rosalie was conceived shortly after the wedding.  

Rosalie was both a smart and sweet girl, she was especially fond of Rylie and they were close friends. 

Arya spent a lot of time committing to her passion for music, she had the desire to become a famous piano player. 

After Rosalie, she still wanted more, so they had another baby on the way

That brought Emilee into the picture, she was only a year younger than Rosalie. She was a quirky kid, she'd always wear the strangest outfits. She had interests that were geeky, which Arya had no experience with but was willing to entertain. The kids got a long well. 

When the kids got older they decided to move to Oasis Springs to be closer to Malcom's parents, who loved showing the girls with attention and presents. 

Emilee had a set up that most gamers would be green in envy at, she was often in her room playing online with Finn and Dominic (Jade's son). 

Rosalie was very much so a daddy's girl, she shared her gossip and secrets with him first

She always saw the best in him, something that make Malcom feel like he should be the best he could be. He took extra precautions in his criminal career to shield his girls' from having even a hint of his life outside of home.

Still, there were plenty out there that knew his true self. Rosalie found herself approached by a man claiming to be an FBI agent who was following her father. He warned her that her father wasn't who she expected. 

He was known as being a major crime boss, who rarely got his hands dirty. This lead to grudges from his underlings, who felt this was a sign of weakness and tried to over throw him.

Yet when he did take matter into his own hands, he was know for being merciless. 

Rosalie dismissed the man as a fraud. 

Yet when she spoke to her mom about her dads career and his reputation, she could see that the man had been telling the truth. Arya promised that her father had never been the death of anyone. He was resourceful with his money gathering practices. 

Rosalie was devastated. She couldn't believe her family. 

The next morning she made her opinions loud and clear and reprimanded her father for his life choices. 

Malcom was not keen on having his livelihood questioned. He firmly insisted that he was just a good business man. It provided the roof over their heads, it kept them living the life of luxury.
Finally Rosalie said that she couldn't live this way, and that she was going to move out and live with Sierra. 

Her parents couldn't stop her, she was now 18. She did agree not to tell Emilee about her reason for leaving the house, and agreed she wouldn't breath a word to anyone else. Despite being profoundly disappointed with her parents, she still loved them too much to go to the police.

Arya was heart broken, she had always known that Malcom took risks but she never thought it would pull their family apart. The relationship between herself and Malcom was tense at times after this, they often fought over his decision to continue choosing his career over his family. 

Eventually Malcom retired, and that helped them all reunite as a family

But it was never quite the same until the day he was diagnosed with an illness he would never be able to recover from.

Rosalie came over frequently to come and care for him. He did eventually apologize for his choice, and she was finally able to accept it.  

Emilee grew up to be a very beautiful girl, she was usually unaware of the affect she had on other people. Her apartment would be full of books, games, tv shows, and references galore. Both Finn and Dominic (Jade's son) would be good friends to her, but when they got older their dynamic would change, both would be interested in her. For the most part she would be unaware of it, but she also wasn't ready to tie herself down either. Eventually she would fuel her creativity into fantasy romance novels that would have moderate success. 

Rosalie would live with Sierra until she earned enough money to rent her own apartment. She would start at the bottom of a charity business and work her way up until she was well known for her good will and her determination to get people to do the right thing. She would eventually have kids and that would also help bridge the gap between herself and her parents. 

No one is ever prepared for death, even when it is expected. When Malcom did pass, the girls helped their mother grieve for him. Arya was relieved they all made amends before it happen. Arya had a long, challenging life with her husband, but still a good one. They both had successful careers, while very different ones. She got to live the life of luxury she wanted and in the end. She lived long enough to see her grandkids flourish under the loving household of her daughter and then joined her husband.