To be a bride... day fourteen


The next morning the girls had a limo waiting outside and a note that only said 'Happy spa day' was left on the table. It was handwritten and wasn't the Queen's recognizable swirl, it had to be from the prince. The excitement from them all was felt. They got to the spa and they found it had many activites to offer, relaxing yoga, massages, saunas, mediation. They had their pick. Most of them decided to start off with some yoga.

They all felt focused and calmed from the activity

Rylie took a mediation class after, she had an odd partner for it, but the important thing was getting into the zone 

Celina pampered herself with a massage

Jade was delighted to have an attractive young man rubbing her sore feet

And the others tried out the sauna

Over all they were pleased with the day out and came back to the house with energy and big smiles

500 points for Celina being in a good mood all day